Harvard Researchers Discover Simple Tip To Freeze Pain & Heal Damaged Joints Almost Instantly

Here's How Thousands Of Americans Are Getting Rid Of Joint Pain, Arthritis & Back Pain Without Any Side Effects

() - A new pain discovery by a group of Harvard researchers is taking the U.S by storm.

It’s what nearly every scientist in the world is taking about right now:

A new discovery by a Harvard Medical School study could allow patients suffering from arthritis, general joint pain, back pain and bone fractures to ‘freeze’ their pain and heal damaged joints almost instantly.

“It’s truly an incredible discovery”, explains James Marten, one of the researchers leading the study. “We’ve found that one simple daily habit could actually eliminate most types of pain without any side effects”.

This new discovery is based on a strange fruit used by ancient Egyptians for centuries to fight pain at a time when anti-inflammatory drugs didn’t exist yet.

“This ancient fruit was considered more precious than gold and diamonds combined by the ancient Egyptians”, explains Dr. Liandson, one of the PhDs that reviewed the Harvard study. “It was the most effective substance they had to fight pain. But according to this newly published study, if you concentrate the active ingredient of this fruit, it has pain-killing properties similar and even superior to many medical drugs without the side effects.”

In this placebo-controlled study, a group of 126 patients suffering from either back pain or arthritis applied this substance to their pain area daily for 28 days. After 28 days, their pain levels had been reduced by 76.8% without any other drug.

“I’ve never felt this kind of pain relief”, explains Jonathan Oppenheimer, one of the patients in the study suffering from arthritis. “I didn’t have the stomach cramps and digestive issues I usually have when I take traditional painkillers, but I also didn’t have the usual pain in my knee and elbow joints.”

This new discovery has been taking the U.S by storm since the publication of this study. It’s been featured in many major newspapers and has been endorsed by several celebrities.

According to recent reports, over 375,000 Americans have already used it to stop their pain and heal damaged joints. Several doctors have also endorsed it as an effective pain-killing treatment.

To share the details of this incredible new discovery, a video was recently published by renowned archeologist Nathan Frederick. It reveals all the details of this simple daily tip to erase pain and heal damaged joints naturally.

“This is probably the most important video anyone with back pain or arthritis can watch”, says Dr. Liandson. “I recommend it to all my patients who come to me with any kind of chronic pain.”

In this video, he reveals the details of this ancient pain-killing fruit, and how to use it to freeze pain topically without any side effects in just 30 seconds per day.

However, several pharmaceutical executives have been trying to report the video as it threatens their core business in the painkiller segment. It might not be available for long.

Click here to watch it here before it’s too late:

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