Remarkable Breakthrough Stops Back Pain In Its Tracks
This Remarkable Breakthrough Stops Back Pain & Poor Posture In Its Tracks
: The First Clue To A Pain Free Back Came In The Most Unlikely Place...
Sometimes the solution to a centuries old problem can pop up in the strangest place - in this case, an amazing back pain remedy that was literally sitting right before our eyes for eons.

Already proven effective by dozens of clinical studies, this new discovery provides immediate relief from any symptom of back, shoulder or neck pain while curing the root cause of most back pain problems naturally. It's already helped over 238,921 Americans reduce their back pain to date.

This back pain remedy is not new – it was well known to the Romans and has been recently rediscovered.

Recent studies have shown this breakthrough could also help you lose weight, improve mood and focus, stop depression and anxiety, improve sleep quality and raise your energy levels naturally.

Featured in multiple major news channels and endorsed by many celebrities, this new breakthrough is beating all sales records in the U.S.

It works so well to reduce back pain because it corrects the root cause of the problem - it instantly re-aligns the spine, and creates perfect posture by gently straightening the spine and improving nerve and muscular alignment. This leads to the immediate and permanent elimination of any kind of back pain.

If you suffer from chronic lower back pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, a herniated disc, radicular pain, or a muscle strain - this new discovery might offer you the immediate back pain relief you've been searching for.

Another study from Harvard Medical School found that after using this back brace for 21 days, users experienced an average reduction of 23.2% in the Oswestry Disability Index - a common metric scientists use to measure the severity of a patient's back pain.

Archeologist Nathan Frederick, who specializes in Western European antiquities recently rediscovered this ancient method by complete accident. But the surprising discovery he made allowed him to find a back pain remedy in a place no one expected.

Frederick, who suffered from chronic back pain himself had
this to say: “I’m hunched over a lot for my job, which clearly involves a lot of detailed work
bend over something buried in the ground” begins Frederick, “and from there, I usually have to
enter my findings into my desktop computer. I found that being hunched over all day then
having to sit at a desk all evening long was about the worst combination for my back”

Frederick confides that he had previously tried all of the fad cures, without success; “I tried
CBD, I tried MCT oil, I tried going to multiple chiropractors, I tried acupuncture, I tried doing all kinds of stretches, I tried physiotherapy, I tried just about everything you can think of” he states, “then one day I had a breakthrough, and it came about in about the last way you’d think it would".

Breakthrough On A Dig

“We were doing a dig near Ravenna, Italy and we had already exposed half a dozen statues
within an ancient Roman forum” begins Frederick. “I was having a pretty bad back pain day,
which was odd because I had spent most of the day standing while my students actually
conducted the dig. I leaned back to stretch my back out and looked up at one of the statues
we’d dug out, an early statue of Caesar Augustus, and that’s where it struck me like a bolt of
lightning!” exclaims Frederick.

“I was standing behind the statue, and I had a perfect look at the shape of Caesar’s back, and I
was floored. The shape of his back was nothing like mine, it was different.” Frederick hurriedly
ran to the other twelve statues, some male, some female, and was immediately gripped by a
powerful revelation. Not one of the statues had a spinal shape like a modern, 21st century
Notice a big difference in the posture depicted in this sculpture?
“The statues were rendered with a straight, upright spine like the letter J, where most people’s
spines are shaped more like the letter S” states Frederick. Later that night in his hotel room,
Frederick pulled up images of past digs and found the same spinal shape on virtually every
statue, both in Italy, France and across Western Europe. “The Romans knew something we
didn’t about proper posture, and I wanted to find out what they knew exactly”

Frederick then embarked on a months long quest to get to the bottom of this anomaly, and
finally ran his findings past a colleague who worked at a museum. “My colleague already knew
about the odd Roman posture, and also added some more valuable clues” begins Frederick,
“The average Roman Legionary would carry over 100 pounds of gear on a daily basis, and no
record exists of back pain, which is weird, because the Romans kept great records about

Frederick goes on to elaborate on the unfolding of the mystery, “Your average Roman was
small person compared to modern standards. Roman males stood on average 5’-6”
which is pretty short by today’s standards. Their average weight was about 150 pounds, yet
they regularly carried 100 pounds of gear without back pain. I wanted to know how."

The Answer Was Sitting In A Museum

“I was pondering this with my colleague at the museum when we paused in front of a Roman armor display. Armor isn’t my specialty, so I asked what it was, immediately struck by the shape of the Armor” says Frederick. The armor in question was plate armor for the torso, called Lorica Segmentata , which is a sort of breastplate.

“The armor forced the shoulders back, and made the spine straight!” exclaims Frederick. “It was like a revelation. That’s how they were able to carry so much weight without pain! The armor shaped their back into the perfect J shape, with their upper spine straight!”

Convinced that this was the solution to the problem, Frederick decided to do some testing and development on his own; “I wanted to replicate the internal shape of the Lorica Segmentata, but of course not from steel. I wanted something that would force my back into the correct shape without having to wear a suit of armor”

The Ancient Roman Back Brace Is Born

“I tried a few iterations, and finally came up with a great device that I called the Ancient Roman Back Brace. Instead of steel and leather, I made it of modern, breathable fabric. I wanted to be able to wear it under a shirt so no one would see it” states Frederick.

“The first time I tried it on was like a hundred pounds was lifted from my shoulders. The brace forced my shoulders back and made my back into the perfect J shape I had seen on all those Roman statues. I didn’t take it off for three days, and I had previously never felt so good!” It turns out the Romans really did know something about how to reduce back pain”
The Ancient Roman Back Brace

The Results Came Fast

"Once they saw I wasn't slouching anymore, many of my friends and colleagues asked me what I'd done to suddenly get such good posture.", says Frederick. "I explained that I'd been using a brand new back brace modeled after the legionaries' armor to keep my back straight and stop back pain."

"At first, they were very skeptical and thought I was crazy. But when they tried this posture corrector, they were blown away. Their backs were perfectly straight, and all my colleagues who also suffered from back pain said it was gone within days."

"They all told me, "Frederick, you have to share this discovery with the world". But I didn't want this product to simply be good - I wanted it to be exceptional. So I went on a quest to create the perfect back brace and improve my existing design - and after going through hundreds of scientific papers and dozens of books about human physiology, I came up with the current design of the Ancient Roman Back Brace."

"When I asked my friends to try it, they all said without a doubt that it was even better than the first version. That's when I knew I'd created an amazing product. We've been selling this life-changing product ever since, and I'm glad to say we've already helped hundreds of thousands of people to this day."

Why Poor Posture Leads To Back Pain

You might be wondering why poor posture is the root cause of back pain? The answer is quite simple. Recent studies have found that leaning forward by just 30 degrees puts 400% to 500% more strain on your spine. Over time, that added stress can cause unnecessary wear on your spine's ligament and discs, resulting in back pain.

Another study found that tilting your head downward to read your phone for example can be the equivalent of 60 lbs of pressure on your neck, spine and back - the equivalent of carrying a small child on your neck. Is there any wonder over time it can lead to chronic or acute back pain?

Fixing poor posture is the best way to solve the root cause of back pain.

How The Ancient Roman Back Brace Works - AdaptaSpine®

The Ancient Roman Back Brace erases back pain in a very simple way - it corrects your posture with as little as 30 minutes usage per day so that your spine is forced into the correct position. Comfortable to wear and nearly instantaneous in result, the Ancient Roman Back Brace builds excellent posture habits.

How exactly does it fix poor posture? It's a corset-like garment that holds your back in a fixed upright position, making it nearly impossible to slouch. It promotes good posture by pulling your back muscles into their natural position and conditionning them to stay that way.

The Ancient Roman Back Brace also uses a patented new technology called AdaptaSpine®. This AdaptaSpine® technology is a new kind of synthetic material that adapts to the shape of your back and shoulders, and holds your back more effectively. It also makes the product much more comfortable than a regular back brace.

The AdaptaSpine® explains why so many users report rapid back pain relief without any discomfort - because it's able to adapt to the shape of your body quickly and without any effort on your end.

This back brace uses an old biological feature of the human body called "tissue adaptation" - basically, the body becomes accustomed to its current position over time. After wearing the back brace daily, the chest and back muscles evolve over time to restore perfect spinal position.

Once the Posture Corrector is used regularly, back pain that has been present for years takes just a couple of weeks to be drastically reduced. It's so comfortable it's really hard to tell you're even wearing anything!

Just 30 Minutes Per Day For Two Weeks And You'll Look Like A Roman Statue And Be Pain Free!

Proven Effective By Multiple Clinical Studies

The Ancient Roman Back Brace may be an ancient discovery - but modern science has also confirmed its effectiveness. Here are the results of multiple clinical studies about the effectiveness of our posture corrector for back pain:

Inra University: "In the present study, a rigid lumbar brace worn for 3 months was associated with a 30% reduction in pain for 79% of patients with chronic low back pain and active discopathy."

Jean Monnet University: "Lumbar belt wearing is consequent in subacute low back pain to improve significantly the functional status, the pain level, and the pharmacologic consumption. "

Tohoku University School of Medicine: "The new lumbar support reduced VAS and SSAS scores, lumbar spinal ROM, low back pain, and neck pain. This new type of lumbar support reduced low back pain among healthcare workers."

Duke University: "Application of the scapular brace improved shoulder posture and scapular muscle activity."

According to these and 12 other clinical studies, wearing the Ancient Roman Back Brace daily can permanently reduce back pain and fix poor posture - without any medication.

How Improving Your Posture Can Improve Cognition, Increase Energy Levels, Stop Anxiety & Depression And Even Help With Weight Loss

It's been known for over a decade in the scientific community that improving posture can lead to impressive health benefits.

Take this study published in the European Journal of Social Psychology - it found that "In line with the self-validation hypothesis, we predicted and found that the effect of the direction of thoughts (positive/negative) on self-related attitudes was significantly greater when participants wrote their thoughts in the confident than in the doubtful posture". Basically, good posture led to better concentration, mood and attentiveness!

Another study from King Saud University found that a straight back makes breathing easier, as the lungs are less compressed and have more breathing space. This can lead to higher energy levels and even strengthen the immune system.

Poor alignment is also the leading cause of headaches, due to the strain put on the muscles of the neck. Poor posture can even lead to digestive challenges by compressing your organs, slowing down the digestive process.

And recent studies have even found that improving posture can even boost the metabolism - making weight loss easier.

Works For Men And Women - Available For All Sizes & Fully Customizable

The Ancient Roman Back Brace's degree of pressure is FULLY adjustable. It's also available in all sizes, from S to 3XL. It works for both men and women. This is simply because it uses an adjustable velcro attachment band that allows you to choose how much you want to pull your shoulders back, to choose just the right amount of tension without causing any discomfort.

This is why so many users report pleasant results - because the degree of posture correction is in their hands.

Reduces Muscular Back Pain, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Muscle Spasms & Radicular Pain

By solving the root cause of back pain - slouching forward posture which puts excessive pressure on the neck and back - The Ancient Roman Back Brace can reduce all varieties of back pain almost instantly. Whether it's "standard" muscular back pain, sciatic nerve pain or even muscle spasms from heavy lifting or athletic activities, this back brace can help - quickly.

This is because unlike many back pain treatments, it actually stops the excessive pressure that is straining your back in the first place - letting it rest and heal like it normally would.

Keeps Working Even When You're Not Wearing It

Thanks to the old scientific principle of tissue adaptation, wearing The Ancient Roman Back Brace for just 30 minutes per day can permanently eliminate your back pain - even when you're not wearing it. This is because it gently forces your spine into the correct position - and forces your tissue to adapt to this new posture.

When you first start using it, it's recommended to wear it 30 minutes per day for optimal results. After a few weeks, wearing it just one hour per day will be enough to feel less back pain for the entire day and night!

Featured On TV Multiple Times

A panel of experts recently talked about the benefits of the Ancient Roman Back Brace against back pain live on TV

Thanks to its scientifically proven effectiveness against back pain, the Ancient Roman Back Brace has gained a lot of media attention lately - leading it to being featured on TV multiple times over the last few weeks.

Many news shows have talked about the incredible commercial success of this new brace, and how it's taking America by storm.

Named Product Of The Year 2019

Following its incredible commercial success and the publication of multiple studies proving its effectiveness, the Ancient Roman Back Brace was named Product Of The Year 2019 by the Consumer Survey Of Product Innovation.

It got twice as many votes as the second best product, probably because it's "an innovative solution to an age-old problem", as the New York Times described it.

Endorsed By The Natural Chiropractic Association

The Natural Chiropractic Association recently released a report confirming that "The Ancient Roman Back Brace is an excellent product to improve posture and fight back pain".

Many chiropractors and physiotherapists have endorsed the back brace's effectiveness against back pain and poor posture.

Already Recommended By 38 Doctors

The Ancient Roman Back Brace has already been endorsed by 38 doctors who have validated that it's an amazing product against back pain and posture problems. This has only led to increasing sales, due to the incredible credibility provided by these endorsements.

Here's What Doctors Have To Say About The Ancient Roman Back Brace

"I've had many patients come to me over the years because they were suffering from all kinds of chronic back pain - it was oftentimes due to excessive sitting or even structural problems in the spine. The only solution I could really give them was some anti-inflammatory drugs, but I always knew they were only masking the problem and not actually solving the root cause. When I first heard about The Ancient Roman Back Brace, it made a lot of sense to me - and after recommending it casually to a few patients suffering from back pain, they all reported their back pain was reduced after a few weeks. I now recommend it to all my patients who suffer from chronic back pain. - Dr. James Martin
The science behind The Ancient Roman Back Brace is extremely solid, and that's why I'm glad to recommend it to any of my patients who suffer from neck pain or back pain. I've been struggling myself with rounded shoulders for the last few years, and this back brace has done wonders for my posture. - Dr. Terence Johnson
I'm always very careful about recommending any kind of product, but The Ancient Roman Back Brace truly deserves it. It's now my go-to recommendation to any patient who has shoulder pain, neck pain or back pain - simply because it solves the root cause of almost all kinds of back pain, namely poor posture due to excessive sitting. - Dr. Anthony Maltoni

Here's What Other People Think About The Ancient Roman Back Brace

When I first heard about the Ancient Roman Back Brace online, it immediately made a lot of sense to me. I knew my posture was somehow related to the chronic back pain I've been having for the last 4 and a half years. I'm 37 now, and things kept getting worse - to the point that my doctor even prescribed me some Ibuprofen. I received my product about a month ago now, and within just a few days of wearing it I already felt a significant reduction in my pain. My back mobility was also improved. After 3 weeks, my back pain was drastically reduced. I will of course continue wearing the brace. This product has been absolutely life-changing for me! - Anthony Marten
My life has become a lot more difficult over the last 3 years after I got into a car accident that damaged my spine. I've been having chronic back and neck pain ever since - and nothing seemed to help aside from my pain medication. I started using the posture corrector 2 months ago, and within a week I felt major relief in my entire back. It's like a weight was lifted off my shoulders! My pain has been reduced for a month now - thank you!! - Tara Lindsay
I've been a very active person my entire life, but when I started suffering from back pain last year, I had to stop jogging like I used to. Far from stopping the pain, this eventually made it even worse as I was just sitting all day. I bought the Ancient Roman Back Brace 4 months ago, and it's been truly miraculous. My pain slowed down within 3 weeks, and I haven't felt as much discomfort in my back ever since. I was able to resume my jogging habit, and I'm feeling better than I have in a long time. - Mary Logson
6 months ago, even sitting in a slightly uncomfortable position would cause unbearable pain in my entire lower back area. I've been an avid snowboarder my entire life, but when I started developing back pain over the years, I had to progressively stop snowboarding until I had to stop altogether last year. I had lost all hope, but when I first heard about the Ancient Roman Back Brace, I thought it was worth a shot. So far, it's been absolutely life-changing. After a few days of wearing it, my back pain was almost completely gone. After a month, I felt comfortable enough to try snowboarding again (at age 78!), and it was one of the best moments I've had in years. I couldn't believe it. This back brace has not only relieved my back pain, it's allowed me to enjoy my life like I used to years ago. Thank you!!! - Jack Piertoni

Visible Results From Users Of The Ancient Roman Back Brace

Why Is The Ancient Roman Back Brace Different From Other Back Braces?

There are many posture correctors - but the Ancient Roman Back Brace is different for 2 very simple reasons:

1. Most back braces only pull your shoulders back but they don't have any belt to hold your spine and back - the Ancient Roman Back Brace also has a belt (as you can clearly see in the pictures) that "holds" the back in place. This is why it's so effective at reducing back pain - because according to all the studies presented above, this "belt" is the key to reducing back pain.

2. It contains a small fixed metal piece in the body of the brace which forces the body to maintain perfect spinal position. Most back braces can actually cause further problems by pulling the shoulders back incorrectly. The Ancient Roman Back Brace uses that small metal piece along the spine to create that perfect S spinal shape without any discomfort (it's barely noticeable!).

This is why so Americans are rushing to buy The Ancient Roman Back Brace. Over the last few months, over 238,921 people have already purchased their own - and the number keeps growing as the product gets featured in the news and on social media.

A Special Offer For Our Readers

To celebrate their recent commercial success, the Ancient Roman Back Brace is 26% off its regular price! Suitable for both males and females, this revolutionary back pain brace can be yours for an incredible price, but only if you act fast as quantities are extremely limited.

After being featured multiple times in the news and being endorsed on social media by several celebrities over the last few weeks, the Ancient Roman Back Brace is quickly running out of stock.

Featured on CNN and Fox News, as well as in the New York Times already, the Ancient Roman Back Brace is more popular than ever.

An Unconditional 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

The Ancient Roman Back Brace fits all body types, and the company is so convinced that it will reduce your back pain that it is backed by a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Try it, wear it, and if your back pain isn't reduced in 30 days, send it back for a full refund! No questions asked.

Big Discounts For Larger Orders

It's recommended to wear the Ancient Roman Back Brace when you walk and exercise - which means it can quickly get sweaty and smelly. It's typically good to wash it twice a week. You can also buy one for a friend or family member who can also benefit from this amazing discovery. This is why we recommend ordering 2, 3 or 4 units of the back brace, so you can always have one to wear at any time!

This is why our readers can benefit from deep discounts on orders of 2, 3 or 4 units of the posture corrector.

Not Available In All Areas

Due to ridiculous demand after being featured in the media, the Ancient Roman Back Brace is not available in all areas. Combined with the current 26% promotion, stock is extremely limited.

UPDATE: Special Offer About To Expire

As of , the representatives of Ancient Roman Posture have contacted us to tell us this special offer will expire within the next few days. They recommend people to purchase their back brace quickly while this discount is still available, and they might even run out of stock soon.

How To Order Your Ancient Roman Back Brace

To take advantage of this unique discount, click the button below to check the availability of this special promotion. If the product is still available, you'll be redirected to the official 100% secure website where you can place your order. The website is fully secured with SSL technology which guarantees the safety of your personal information.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Ancient Roman Back Brace

Q: How long does it take to feel the benefits of The Ancient Roman Back Brace?
A: The first effects will be noticeable within about an hour of wearing The Ancient Roman Back Brace. Most users report less back tension and instantly improved posture. After that, most users report their back pain is strongly reduced within 3 weeks of using this back brace.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my back brace?
A: All orders are shipped within 48h of any order that is placed, and are delivered within 4-8 days.

Q: Why is this different from all the other back pain solutions I've seen?
A: The Ancient Roman Back Brace is the first product that actually addresses the root cause of back pain - poor posture, which puts excessive strain on your spine and leads to chronic back pain. Whatever kind of back pain you suffer from, we guarantee that improving your posture will eliminate or strongly reduce your pain quickly.

Q: Is my order fully secure?
A: The Ancient Roman Back Brace's order page is fully secured. Your personal card details are not stored and will not be used again. The Ancient Roman Back Brace is a one-time order and not a subscription, and all your personal details will never be shared for any reason.

Q: Do I have to keep using the product to maintain my results?
A: Yes, it's recommended to wear The Ancient Roman Back Brace at least a few hours per week after the first month of use to keep a pain-free back permanently.

Q: I'm overweight or underweight and am not sure this product will fit. Will it work for my size?
A: Yes, the Ancient Roman Back Brace is available in all sizes and can be adjusted to fit any body shape. If for any reason you cannot use our product, you can always send it back to get a replacement or a full refund.

Q: What kinds of back pain does this product help with?
A: The Ancient Roman Back Brace is scientifically proven to help with all kinds of back pain. Doctors recommend it for standard muscular back pain, but also for sciatica, radicular pain, and even osteoporosis and pinched nerves.

Q: Is it safe to use this product? I'm afraid to hurt my back
A: The Ancient Roman Back Brace's posture-correcting effects are extremely gentle, and do not harm the back in any way. They simply softly pull your shoulders back without actually moving your back itself, which prevents any kind of pain or tension from occuring.
Evolution of human posture, with early posture  to the left, and modern posture to the right. Note the evolution of the spinal curvature
Lorica Segmentata
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